Friday, February 5, 2010

go see the skeleton

Dear Frankie
You should come to Vancouver to see the 2010 Winter Olympics . I think you should go see the Skeleton . You should also go to Stanley Park because its very nice and ts peaceful. I think you should also go to the malls. It is very nice in Vancouver because there are parks with paths and a lot of squirrels to chase . There are lot of Olympic games to see like bob sledding, skeleton, sledding and snow boarding. By Tyreece

Paralympic Games

Dear Frankie, When you come to visit Vancouver you should go to White Rock and go to the beach. It might be cold in the winter but it is still very pretty. Maybe you can visit some elementary schools while you are here. Make sure you go and see some Paralympic games like sledge hockey or wheelchair curling. By Trent

See the Olmypic Flame

Frankie you should come to Vancouver and Whistler because the food in the restaurants is delicious. There is food from all over the world and on February 10 the Olympic Flame is coming right to the city. There is going to be a lot of free concerts that are supposed to be really good. For the Olympics they have to take snow from the back of Grouse Mountain because the snow from the front has melted. Bye! Tash


Dear Frankie,

I think you should go to Stanley park when you come to Vancouver for the Olympics. There is a sea wall in Stanley park that you should have a walk on You can go bike riding on the sea wall with your mom. There is a grass field that you can play on. You should go to the Suspension Bridge.It is really fun.It might be hard for you with your wheels though.After your finished walking across the bridge there is lots of fun things to do. If you come before the Olympics, you might get to see the Olympic torch go by. I have the Olympic mittens. My whole family has the Olympic mittens. ByTaia.
Dear Frankie.
Frankie , do you like the Olympic mascots called, Sumi,Miga,Quatchi. Do you like swimming because Vancouver has lots of great places to swim, even the ocean?
If you come to Vancouver you will love to see Stanley Park. There is a beautiful sea wall there that dogs are allowed on. You will see some amazing birds there, like the Great Blue Heron. You could also go to Ambleside in West Vancouver because dogs can be off a leash and can go on the beach too. I have a dog and I LOVE DOGS.
Love Robin

do you want to learn to snowboard Frankie?

Dear Frankie,

Frankie you should come to Vancouver and Whistler because there is a lot of fun things to do.There are really good parks like Stanley park. Up on the mountain you can watch people ski and snowboard. By the way I snowboard myself with my dad brother and friend. I could help you learn if you want. My friend and I love to snowboarding so so much. Love Norissa

8 days until the Olympics

Dear Frankie

North Vancouver is a great place for snowboarding and skiing. You should go eat at Red Robin. Stanley Park has a very good park. I recomend you go to Vancouver's Chinatown for food choices. You can probably order it to go. Vancouver has the second biggest chinatown in the world. If you don't like chinese food I 'm sure you will like chinese food after eating it in Vancouver.You should go to Stanley park for a good walk in the park after eating it.BYE!!! Julien